All You Need to Know About the Latest GalaCasino Game Launches, a fully owned subsidiary Gala Coral Group – the third largest casino enterprise in the UK – has recently unveiled three new games to over 1 million users. The launch of these new games has been widely talked about since Gala Coral Group announced some major shuffles in their website structures in November, 2014.

Here’s everything you need to know about these hot new games!

Double Play SuperBet

galacasinoDouble Play has been the latest in thing as far as online gaming is concerned. GalaCasino has just made it even better with their Double Play SuperBet combo that allows users to access a vast number of gameplay permutations and combinations. The game has cutting edge graphics that can be fine-tuned for best personal experience. Also, by using the Double Play benefits, gamers can improve win indication percentages, as well. It won’t be a surprise then, if SuperBet becomes the norm of online gaming in the near future.

Joker’s Gold

Joker’s Gold is an interesting take on slots. It has a 10 win lines and 5 reel slots. The difficulty levels are marked as 3, 4 and 5 – meaning that you need to match 3, 4 and 5 signs/symbols respectively on your reels with the win line.

Joker’s Gold has a circus theme and some of the graphics will definitely have you laughing your heart out. It’s a perfect slot game to get entertained.

Cash Spin

Cash Spin is a standard casual spin game with a twist. There are about 240 ways that you can end up winning and a lot of interesting wild signs will help you out to match to the win line.